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Personal Connections in Digital Mental Health

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Connecting People

The Society for Digital Psychiatry was formed in 2021 to serve as a hub for those interested in Digital Psychiatry. As new technologies, clinics, and companies expand, finding the right connections can be challenging. The Society for Digital Psychiatry links, features, and educates members about the exciting and ever-changing innovations in the mental health field. In partnership with the society's official journal, JMIR Mental Health, there is a shared vision to promote and support the best research and clinical innovations.

We represent over 200 mental health professionals and advocates from across the world with a common interest in advancing outcomes for people with psychiatric conditions. 

Based on member surveys, our three main areas of focus this year are:

  • 1) Clinical Integration and Workflow 

  • 2) Engagement for End Users

  • 3) Evidence and Standards 

Other areas of interest include billing parity, privacy/safety, the impact of social media, evaluation of digital solutions, and regulatory reform around clinical use of digital tools. 

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Due to high demand, membership is still open but applications are now processed on a slower basis. 


Thanks for submitting!

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Our partnership with JMIR Mental Health as the official journal of SODP reflects a shared commitment to global health, knowledge dissemination, and innovative research.

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